Scrub-Jay Fledgling

Fledgling scrub jay

Baby scrub-jays leave the nest at about three weeks. They are still very small and fragile but they can fly. Unlike many other birds they do not fly off into the wild blue yonder away from the area where they fledged. They actually stick around. Parents and helper birds in the family unit keep them fed for about a month or so until they are fully capable of doing so on their own. Even when they are capable of fending for themselves they will cry for food when an adult is around. This goes on for a few months.

Video made in May or June of 21′


  1. Hello Brad, I love your site and what you are doing for the Scrub Jay. I am actually trying to photograph some in the wild and I could use any tip you have about their ecology and behavior. I would rather talk with an expert than google reheated answers

    1. Hi Charles, I’d be glad to answer any questions. I can email you directly or we can share here to help others who may be looking for the same info. thanks, Brad

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