Can You Feed Scrub Jays?

feeding scrub jays

You are not supposed to feed scrub-jays for a few reasons.

1) It can cause them to reproduce early, throwing off their natural cycle.

2) People often try to feed animals foods which are actually bad for them. Scrub–jays have a very particular diet.

3) It can cause an imbalance in their diet.

4) They can become dependent of human feeding and neglect honing their own food-securing skills.

There are other ways you can interact with the jays using food or objects which already exist in their habitat. If you happen to visit an area which is known for its tame scrub-jay population then you can count on the fact that people have hand-fed them. You can take advantage of this by picking up an acorn and holding it out like you have a shiny new treat for them. They will come to investigate.

Once they discover you are holding on to a plain old acorn they may decide to take it or leave it altogether. But at least you got the interaction with the bird that you wanted.

You can also use old discarded peanut shells from previous rule-breakers. The jays will most surely come to investigate. Don’t worry, they won’t take it personally that you tricked them. 😉

If you must absolutely break the rules and feed them make sure the nuts are uncooked and unsalted.


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