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FL scrub jay

A message from Archbold Biological Station:

The charismatic Florida Scrub-Jay, with its showy movements, brilliant flashy blue color, and distinctive call, is the only species of bird found exclusively in Florida. This fascinating bird is a beloved state icon. Yet, with fewer than 5,000 individuals remaining, this federally threatened species needs your help! Your generous support helps Archbold continue to study and protect them. Archbold scientists began studying the Florida Scrub-Jay more than 50 years ago. Archbold implements leading-edge conservation practices on our lands and guides land management through the state in areas scrub-jays call home. Your gift will continue Archbold’s mission to build and share the scientific knowledge needed to protect Florida’s life, lands, and waters and beyond. Thank you for your generous support.

Editor’s Note: I am not an expert on birds by any stretch of the imagination. I have only really been interested in them for less than a decade. But because of the interactivity, curiosity and friendliness of the Florida Scrub Jay it was like a switch got flipped.

I think about what the world would be like without this endearing species and it bothers me to think about all the great interactions between their species and ours that will cease to exist if this bird goes extinct. If you are a person that is fascinated by birds then I cannot recommend enough that you should visit an area where this animal inhabits.

It will take real firepower (and by that I mean money and power) to prevent this bird from disappearing. The amount of human growth in the state is the single greatest threat to this bird (habitat loss for human development). Money needs to be set aside in trusts and land needs to be purchased to give it a reasonable chance at survival. If you have a will that you plan on leaving to charity I would like to suggest (strongly) that you look to set up or contribute to a sanctuary dedicated to protecting the Florida Scrub Jay.

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