Beloved Florida Icon

A message from Archbold Biological Station: The charismatic Florida Scrub-Jay, with its showy movements, brilliant flashy blue color, and distinctive call, is the only species of bird found exclusively in Florida. This fascinating bird is a beloved state icon. Yet, with fewer than 5,000 individuals remaining, this federally threatened species needs your help! Your generous support helps Archbold… Continue reading Beloved Florida Icon

New Batch of Chicks

Pretty exciting news. I discovered a scrub-jay nest and when one of the parents landed near it I could hear the little chicks making chirping noises. They were very low volume which is good in that it does not draw a lot of attention from predators. The bush they picked was perfect. I don’t know… Continue reading New Batch of Chicks

Then and Now

Its no secret to even the most casual fan of the Florida Scrub Jay that the species is in fact rare and endangered. The fact that the bird used to be literally everywhere is Central Florida and through much of South Florida astounds newer birders. The actual numbers are quite astounding. In the last 100… Continue reading Then and Now

2 Million Years

That is how long scrub-jays have been in Florida. The scientific community believes they made their way over here from the west coast of North America about 2 millions years ago. At that time, the Gulf of Mexico wasn’t totally filled with water yet so creatures and plants made their way across the vast stretches… Continue reading 2 Million Years