FL Scrub Jay Territory

florida scrub jay

I have discussed previously in this blog how the FL Scrub-Jay typically stays within its own little area. They become masters of their small space and anytime another scrub-jay not from that little area comes into it, all hell breaks loose. These birds are very territorial.

However, small evolutions do occur. The same bird couple you see in one area may rotate to another area of the land all of a sudden. Recently, I have noticed this happen.

A particular female who is easily identifiable because she is missing 1 and a half digits on her little claws disappeared from her usual area. She and her gang of two other birds vanished. A few weeks went by until I found them inhabiting a totally different area a solid 200 meters away.

I have never seen that kind of movement before. They totally skipped out on their original territory, crossed an area where there was no scrub or trees and found their new digs. I’m not sure if they were driven from their old territory or they simply sought an area with better water or food sources.

Florida Scrub Jay Groups

These birds typically have family groups. They can be three to five birds usually. However, sometimes there are just two birds to a group. Other times I have noticed that there are solo birds not attached to a group. Finally, I have seen solo birds integrate with other groups, sometimes forming a third-wheel scenario. The small group will sometimes chase the solo bird away for awhile but eventually capitulate and let it into the group. These scenarios only happen after many months, are gradual and in no way happen overnight. I have been studying these birds for years. They are truly fascinating creatures. I hope you are fortunate to spend some real time around them someday. I have a feeling they will blow your mind.

~ Brad

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