Why Are FL Scrub Jays So Tame Around Humans?

First, it should be noted that all FL Scrub-Jays are not so tame. The further you get away from human population centers the less tame they are. I have been way back in the brush where the scrub jay is very cautious and absolutely will not come close to you. They more-or-less ignore you. For… Continue reading Why Are FL Scrub Jays So Tame Around Humans?

Recent Notes from the Field

Image from Kim Norris on Instagram

When I am studying Florida scrub jays in the field I will sometimes bring my phone with me to snap a quick photo or even to take field notes. This post is a gathering of the notes I’ve taken over the last several months. I do not in any way think these behaviors are exclusive… Continue reading Recent Notes from the Field

FL Scrub-Jay’s Interaction with Other Bird Species

There is typically a hierarchy which exists among animal species. For instance, the larger more aggressive breed of dog will typically end up ruling wild packs. I am no zoologist so I do not pretend to be an expert on this subject. But I can tell you what I have examined about the scrub-jay of… Continue reading FL Scrub-Jay’s Interaction with Other Bird Species

Amazing Food Management

The Florida Scrub Jay has survived for millions of years by being aware of predators, by controlling its small territory and by being resourceful. Like most birds, the scrub-jay will stash food for later. But the complexity of how it stashes and manages this food is astounding. Scrub-jays will have thousands of locations where they… Continue reading Amazing Food Management

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Then and Now

Its no secret to even the most casual fan of the Florida Scrub Jay that the species is in fact rare and endangered. The fact that the bird used to be literally everywhere is Central Florida and through much of South Florida astounds newer birders. The actual numbers are quite astounding. In the last 100… Continue reading Then and Now

2 Million Years

That is how long scrub-jays have been in Florida. The scientific community believes they made their way over here from the west coast of North America about 2 millions years ago. At that time, the Gulf of Mexico wasn’t totally filled with water yet so creatures and plants made their way across the vast stretches… Continue reading 2 Million Years